Patio Refresh: Ideas to Make your Front Porch Feel Cozy

it’s outdoor living time.

Evenings spent on the patio are amazingly relaxing, but your space might need a little styling to make it perfectly cozy. Maybe you haven’t even started and are looking for design strategy to create your space, or maybe you have all the right elements but just need a little direction to bring them together. Either way, I’m sharing some essential elements for a front porch that’s gorgeously styled for patio season.

This patio is somewhat narrow – around 5ft wide and 20ft long – but you don’t need a ton of space to create an outdoor oasis whether it’s in the front or the back.

Add an Outdoor Rugs

My first key to patio coziness is snagging a rug for your space. Outdoor rugs can go a long way to making your space feel comfortable. Choose a durable option that’s made for the outdoors, but one that is still soft enough to be comfortable on bare toes. Rugs also give you textural & colorful elements and make a great inspiration piece for your space. If you find a rug you truly love, you can use it as a springboard to pick out other elements like furniture colors, paint colors, etc.

I couldn’t find one rug that fit this narrow space well, so I ended up using two rugs with the same pattern but different dimensions to fit into the space. The pattern includes almost every color from my palette – navy, royal blue, and a cheery green.

Think Throws

Throw pillows and blankets are a super simple way to add comfort and a cozy feel. Opt for outdoor throw pillows that invite relaxation and add fun pops of color from your palette. With a lime loveseat as my backdrop, I went with blue and white pillows to tie into my rug. The two square pillows were just $5 from Home Depot and you can snag the diamond print lumbar pillow here from Target. When choosing pillows go for slight variety in color, texture, sizes and shapes for a polished look.

Patio pillows can also be easily stored away in a bin during the winter months to keep them safe from the cold weather elements which means they’ll look fresh and last longer.

Embrace Accents

Don’t be afraid to accessorize just because you’re outdoors. If wind or the elements are an issue, opt for an outdoor storage ottoman or box to house your accent elements when they’re not in use to keep them safe.

My absolute favorite patio accessory are these Tiki Wine Bottles which are amazingly simple to DIY. I made another one (seen on the tray) for the front porch with a tear-dropped rosé bottle. These DIY Rope coasters are also a great patio accent. Not only are they adorable with a nautical vibe and pop of color, but they’re also nice and heavy and stack well which makes them perfect for outdoor use.

 Cozy Curtains

Outdoor curtains are a great addition for a covered porch or patio pergola. The fabric provides a great contrasting texture for hard or rough elements like rock, brick or stucco. Curtains make your outdoor space feel like a room, adding to the cozy feel of the space. There are all kinds of outdoor curtains available, but I picked durable panels in white with grommets. These panels come in a variety of solid colors.

I installed these via rustic pipe rods which you can DIY just like this industrial towel rack – just adapt the center pipe length to fit your space and attach the rods horizontally extending out from the wall instead of vertically from a sheld. I chose these not only for the industrial feel but also because this patio experiences a lot of wind. On another similar windy patio project, we actually had the curtain rod bend, so this pipe was an essential alternative. The secure pipe rods will withstand the elements, the only downside is that they have to be physically taken down in order for the curtains to be taken down to change, store, or wash.

Lively Lights 

Patio lights create an elegant ambiance that helps take your space from day to night. From simple string lights to more sophisticated lights with a lamp-like feel, there are so many options for conveying a relaxing mood in your space. I opted for a black, lamp-like string to contrast the grey ceiling and siding and help draw the eye upwards and accentuate the high 9ft ceilings.

These lights were super simple to hang with a manual staple gun, but there are other amazing alternatives like 3m strips if you’re renting or a wire track if you need a little more durability or have a porch or patio that isn’t covered.

What do you think? Ready to give your curb appeal a boost with these ideas? Leave a comment below, or use #mydarlingdesign

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SO COZY. Check out this patio refresh to get patio decorating ideas on a budget #adarlingdesign #decor #patio
SO COZY. Check out this patio refresh to get patio decorating ideas on a budget #adarlingdesign #decor #patio
SO COZY. Check out this front porch refresh to get small front porch decorating ideas on a budget #adarlingdesign #decor #patio
SO COZY. Check out this front porch refresh to get small front porch decorating ideas on a budget #adarlingdesign #decor #patio

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This is easily one of the cutest front porch designs I’ve seen! I especially love the curtain idea!

Woa it created a new vibe as well, cozy vibe like I could spend my whole weekend reading all my favorite book in there or just enjoy beautiful view surround that nice corner 🙂

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