Industrial Corbel Sconce Light DIY

Lighting is one of the most essential elements to transforming a space.

If your room could use a little extra light, but you need something more interesting than a floor or table lamp that still doesn’t require electrical installation, this industrial corbel sconce might be your perfect fit.

I love this sconce light because it can be hung high to add another level of lighting to a space. This variety gives your space a little more personality and can also help conserve valuable table or floor space for other essential elements.

It hangs on the wall just like a picture frame and plugs into any outlet. This gives your space a built-in lighting look without the cost or remodel. Not only that, it’s super easy to make.

What you’ll need:

Step 01:

Assemble the light.

The lamp cord has a little plastic disk like a washer that screws off the front of the light bulb socket and allows you to slide the lampshade on and then screw the plastic disk back on to secure the shade and hold it in place. After you’ve attached the shade, screw in your bulb.

Step 02:

Stain / Finish the Corbel

I chose to stain my corbel, but you can also paint it. The stain I chose is Briarsmoke from Varathane. I love this color because it’s a deep brown with a grey undertone which goes with all the grey finishes – like cabinets, floors, and paint – in my house.

For a rustic or weathered look, I recommend staining then sanding to distress. Seal with wax, finishing oil, or clear spray paint for a matte finish or use polyurethane for a glossy finish. I went with just a coat of stain and then a coat of clear matte spray paint.

Step 03:

Attach the light to the corbel.

You might have to do a little measuring to figure out how you want your light to hang depending on where it will be on your wall. Once you know the approximate height, place the lamp cord across the top of the corbel at your desired height with the light off the edge (aka the tip of the corbel that is farthest from the wall when it is hung) and then secure in place with a couple staples.

You can use a staple gun or hammer-in staples to secure – just be careful not to puncture the cord at all since this can cause an exposed wire and make the light electrically unsafe.

After your cord is secured on the end of the corbel, wrap the cord 2-3 times around the horizontal leg of the corbel, securing with staples as you go. To finish, I ran the cord along the edge of the corbel that will be against the wall and secured with more staples.

Step 04:

Hang it on the wall.

The corbel I chose has a nail hook already in it for hanging, so all it took was a little measuring and securing in place with some drywall anchors & screws.

If your corbel doesn’t have a hanging mechanism, you can add on your own or secure your corbel with an “L” bracket on the top.

Ta da!

Here’s how it looks in the space. I later used a 3m hook at the base of the wall to pull the cord taut for a more polished look.

What do you think? Did you give this DIY a try? Leave a comment below, or use #mydarlingdesign

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This diy corbel light doesnt require a drill. You can build this industrial diy corbel light sconce in under 30 minutes. #mydarlingdesign
This diy corbel light doesnt require a drill. You can build this industrial diy corbel light sconce in under 30 minutes. #mydarlingdesign
This diy corbel light doesnt require a drill. You can build this industrial diy corbel light sconce in under 30 minutes. #mydarlingdesign

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Oh my gosh! I love this! I want to try it! I think this would look so cool in our home. Thank you for sharing!

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