Designing a Gorgeous Powder Bath [listen]


Powder baths are often left for last when it comes to decorating, but they’re an important space that needs welcoming and functional style to make guests feel at home.

If you think about it, your powder bath is often the first time your guests will be alone in your home. It needs to not only be functional and give them everything they might need to freshen up – it should be a gorgeous representation of your style and personality in your home.

Design Goal

This powder bath had all the essential practical elements but was lacking a sense of comfort and personality.


Create a welcoming powder bath design that maximizes storage and makes the small space feel bigger.


The room needs to be redesigned without remodeling which means all structural, plumbing, and electrical elements will remain as is and all upgrades and additions will be cosmetic.

Design Process

Style & M0od

The style inspiration for this room is elegant industrial – for a relaxed feel that is cozy but sophisticated. Think luxe white with metal & wood accents complimented by greenery.

Color Palette

The dominant color for this space was white – see the “Light & bright” section to find out why – but we needed to add some depth and texture with additional tones. We opted for dark stained wood tones to bring in a natural and rustic feel. Navy and a light olive green round out the palette and give the space the pops of color it needs to feel fun.

light & Bright

Spaces with more light feel larger and more open, dark walls or paint colors give a dramatic vibe, but make spaces feel smaller.

In order to make a small space feel bigger, keep it light and bright.

For this space, that meant keeping the walls light, but not boring. The wallpaper and wood accent wall selection achieved this through light tones that offered texture and pops of color.

The whitewashed faux wood wall adds interesting texture while keeping the space light. The creamy white base of the wallpaper keeps the space feeling bright and open, but still adds some subtle navy accents with the pattern.

A white and natural colored circular rug was also added to help further brighten the space, but also to add texture and a more cozy feel to the room.


Keeping the space light and bright also meant adding more light. The 2-bulb light fixture was swapped for one with three positionable bulbs – which not only brought more light into the space, but gives the ability to direct the light around the room and spread it out instead of having it all focused above the sink.

Lighting design 101 includes not only having enough light, but also having different levels of light – you don’t want all your light sources to be top-down. A mini lamp was added on the rustic shelving for an extra light source at a lower level.

This helps create vanity lighting in front of the mirror so that the guest’s face is well-lit for freshening up or makeup touchups. Without the lamp, the top-down lighting casts shadows which aren’t the most flattering.


This space needed storage. There was nowhere besides the sink and window sill to keep toiletries & other things guests might need, towels, or any sort of decor elements.


Make use of vertical space in small spaces 

There wasn’t have space for added furniture in this room, so that meant going vertical.


Shelving was added via as a ledge across the room, just above the sink as well as two additional shelves above the toilet.

These shelves help draw the eye upwards and put emphasis on the higher 9ft ceilings vs drawing attention to the fact that the room is small.

Successful small space storage finds a way to make functional elements part of the decor.

The circular mirror was built into the shelf by cutting a notch at the back for it to fit into. This creates space a place in front of the mirror for guests to set their drink or phone.

Incorporating the mirror into the shelving helped to maximize the volume of shelf space we were able to squeeze in while still ensuring it was all within reach. All the shelves now provide ample space for toiletries, towels & decor. The toilet paper holder provides an additional easy access shelf to hold a guest’s phone or drink.

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This Powder bath makeover gives you small powder bathroom ideas for transforming your space with elegant industrial powder bath decor.
This Powder bath makeover gives you small powder bathroom ideas for transforming your space with elegant industrial powder bath decor.
This Powder bath makeover gives you small powder bathroom ideas for transforming your space with elegant industrial powder bath decor

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