4th of July Decor Ideas That You Can Repurpose After [listen]


You need to get festive with patriotic decor, but don’t want a ton of bright red and blue elements hanging around your house afterward.

If primary-heavy decor and star-laden prints simply don’t fit your home’s style and personality, you need a way to go all out for your 4th of July party that doesn’t leave you with tons of leftover decor elements that aren’t in your home’s color palette.

I’ve got some 4th of July decor ideas with all the Americana feels that you can re-purpose into everyday pieces for your home afterward.  This means you won’t have to store them unused for an entire year and it’s way more eco-friendly and chic than just buying throw-away decor.


4 th: A silverware holder

Everyday: An office supplies organizer

You don’t need to go out and buy a silverware holder for your cutlery, just add some red, blue & stripped ribbon to an office pencil holder to create a silverware display that can later be used in the office. This whole DIY is well under $10 if you don’t already have a pencil holder somewhere around your house.

I grabbed a silver pencil holder and spray painted it gold, but you can also snag a black or white one if those colors work for you without having to paint. I added gold and white striped ribbon with a little double-sided tape, which I decided to leave for my everyday use in the office.



4 th: Firework Painted Pineapple Tops

Everyday: Delicious pineapple

Turns out a little paint can take some pineapples from just pieces of fruit to a full-blown centerpiece. The colored tops have a firework vibe which makes them simply perfect for an easy DIY decor piece. This idea is perfect if red and blue are really not in your home’s color palette and you really don’t need anything in those colors sticking around after the holiday.

I painted just the tops using a brush and acrylic paint so that there wouldn’t be paint anywhere on the lower half and they’d be safe to eat later. You could also tape off the bottom and use spray paint for a faster method.

If you need the pineapple for part of your 4th of July fruit tray, just cut off the tops and display on a tray.



4 th: Elevated Patio Ice Bucket

Everyday: Midcentury Modern Plant Stand

Cooler space can be prime real estate when it comes to the 4th and you might find you usually need to add an auxiliary ice bucket. You can snag a regular bucket that you might not use the rest of the year, or use a pot and plant stand to do the job. It’s nice because it gives your drinks a little height for a more convenient snag, plus it doubles as a place to display your outdoor or indoor plants after the 4th is over.

This planter was actually a DIY project, so if you want to make yours and you need the full scoop on how to build this planter, check out this post.


4 th: A festive place to sit

Everyday: Cozy throws & decor

Gathering your blue, red, and striped decor all into one spot is a super simple way to make your space feel festive for the 4th.

Follow the photo above or try a white chair with a red throw and blue pillow. You don’t have to have bright red and royal blue decor to make this work. Try combining different hues like cream or beige, coral or maroon, and teal or navy for an Americana-inspired feel that is a fun twist on the classic palette.

After the 4th, this decor can be re-allocated to separate rooms or spaces in your home for an entirely different feel.


4 th: Red, white & blue striped floral arrangement

Everyday: An adorable striped planter

This blue and white striped vase becomes ultra patriotic when filled with some bright red blooms. You can do many variations of this like a red and white striped vase with blue flowers or a white and cream or grey striped planter with red and blue blooms.

Afterward, this striped piece becomes a planter for everyday use, featured here with a little aloe vera plant.

I snagged this planter at Target last year, but you can find similar planters here and here. These west-elm vases would also be a perfect option.


4 th: A chic water-resistant tablecloth

Everyday: A shower curtain

This tablecloth has a perfect white and blue grid pattern for a 4th of July table, but if you don’t use linens often and want to go more eco-friendly than a throwaway plastic tablecloth, then snagging a shower curtain for use as a tablecloth might be your perfect option.

They’re more water resistant than regular table linens which makes them perfect for outdoor use and means they will stand up to stains so that they can be reused later as an outdoor tablecloth, a park blanket, or you-guessed-it: a shower curtain.

I definitely recommend buying a *new* shower curtain for use as a tablecloth first then repurposing it since a used shower curtain for entertaining would just be..ew.

If you like this grid print, you can get it here. This print and this print also make great options.

What do you think? Ready to create some reusable decor for your 4th of July party? Leave a comment below, or use #mydarlingdesign

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WOW! 4th of july decor ideas that you can reuse as everyday decor after. Genius
WOW! 4th of july decor ideas that you can reuse as everyday decor after. #mydarlingdesign adarlingdesign.co
WOW! 4th of july decor ideas that you can reuse as everyday decor after. #mydarlingdesign adarlingdesign.co #decor
WOW! 4th of july decor ideas that you can reuse as everyday decor after. #mydarlingdesign adarlingdesign.co #decor

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